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Jun 27, 2022

Advantages of 4LZ-1.0 Small Harvester

Small crawler combine harvester is very popular among farmers, it can be used in mountains, hills, plains, etc. We have exported to the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya and other countries.


Advantages of 4LZ-1.0 small harvester:


1. It can be used in areas such as mountains and hills to harvest wheat and rice crops.


2. Farmers can adjust the speed of the combine harvester according to the height of the crop, field humidity, etc., and the operation is more flexible.


3. The combined rice harvester has compact structure, small volume, good passing performance and easy maintenance.


4. The header is 1.2m wide, with high harvesting efficiency and low loss rate, saving time and labor.


4LZ-1.0 Rice combine harvester 07

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