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May 10, 2022

How to choose walking tractor

How to choose Walking Tractor

First, the appearance of quality inspection In the purchase of walking tractors, we must first pay attention to the inspection of the appearance of quality, including the coating quality of the parts and the quality of the manufacturing of various parts.

The second is to see if the instruments and lamps are complete and effective. You can use the Engine decompression lever to open the engine slowly, and watch the oil pressure gauge or other oil pressure indicator to see if there is any pressure rise.

Third, the operating agency checks to check whether the operating mechanism of the card collision phenomenon, the operation is effective and reliable. The gear shift lever should have obvious feel when it is engaged. It should not be stuck or difficult to hang on the gear or hang up.

Fourth, start the operation check Start the engine for operation check. Before starting the engine, check the oil level of engine oil, gear oil, and whether there is fuel and cooling water. After everything is normal, you can start and check if the engine start is difficult.

Fifth, check the product number, certificate, warranty period, etc. of the tractor, understand the after-sales service and accessories of the tractor factory, and ensure the after-sales maintenance of the tractor.

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