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Mar 15, 2021

Maintenance of Small Harvester

1. Check the cleanliness of all parts of the machine, clean dust and dirt. Carefully dispose of grass clippings, straws, oil pollution, etc. in each part to make the unit clean. Brush the outside of the machine with water, and then apply a proper amount of lubricating oil with a rag. Repaint and apply anti-rust oil in time on the friction part or paint stripping part.


2. In the process of harvesting grains, it is forbidden to enter the machine with hard debris. If the parts are damaged due to some reasons, they should be replaced in time, and the replacement parts must meet the specifications specified in the manual, so as not to affect the assembly quality of the machine and cause personal injury.


3. Check the fastener bolts. The fasteners may loosen after a long period of operation. Therefore, attention should be paid to inspection and tightening, and no looseness is allowed to ensure the safe operation of the machine.


4. According to the working requirements of the harvester, mechanical lubricating oil is generally added every hour. For the Engine, the special oil must be replaced as required. Lithium-based lubricants are added to the bearings every 10 days of operation. The harvester should be filled with mechanical lubricant once an hour.

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