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Mar 09, 2021

Precautions for walking tractors

1. Parking place. It is best to store it in a warehouse, but do not put it together with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, so as not to corrode the parts; if parked outdoors, choose a high-rise, dry and ventilated place, and cover with plastic sheeting to prevent mechanical damage And rust.


2. Supporting parts. Use wooden piers or masonry to support the tractor to reduce the load on the tires; if the pads are not supported, the tires should be inflated by 10% to 20%, and check frequently


3. Wash thoroughly. Remove the dirt and oil on the surface of the tractor, check, adjust, and tighten all parts and screws comprehensively to avoid loosening and falling off.


4. Release oil and water. After the tractor is out of service, drain the cooling water, diesel, and oil in theEngine.


5. Maintain the parts. Take appropriate amount of dehydrated engine oil (heat the engine oil to about 130°C) and pour it into the intake pipe, rotate the crankshaft to make the engine oil adhere to the piston, piston rod, cylinder liner and valve. And shake the piston to the top dead center of compression to prevent the valve spring, push rod and other parts from being compressed for a long time and losing their performance.


6. Remove the fuel injector. After cleaning the fuel injector, put it into clean diesel oil, loosen the adjusting screw, and block the fuel injector hole with a wooden plug.


7. Oiling the axle box. Take 1kg of dehydrated oil, pour it into the crankcase, and then shake the crankshaft several times to fill the lubrication system with dehydrated oil.


8. Parts are oiled. Coat all fastening parts such as the rocker arm, high-pressure oil pipe, fuel injection ju, bolts and nuts with dehydrated oil to prevent rust.


9. Good lubrication. According to the overall lubrication requirements of theWalking Tractor, use standard lubricants for full lubrication.


10. Bandage to prevent dust. Tie the engine's air filter, exhaust duct, water tank port, fuel tank port and other places that are easy to enter dirt and dust, and tie them firmly with plastic cloth or oil paper to prevent entry of debris and dust.

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