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Sep 12, 2022

Small Rice And Wheat Combine Harvester For Farmers

The modern small combine harvester is used for harvesting wheat and rice crops, and can be used in mountains, hills and other areas, with simple structure, convenient operation and economical efficiency.


The Chalion small combined harvester advantages:

1. High threshing technology to ensure clean kernels and thorough separation.
2. Adopt to Three-in-one drum, low load, and low breakage rate.
3. Wider feeding port: raw material can be put into machine smoothly without any blockage.
4. Wider lift conveyor: make it easy to convey crops
5. Our combined rice harvesting machine has reasonable design, high reliability, easy maintenance, low cost.
6. High threshing rate. The threshing rate is more than 95%.
7. people can sit on the machine to operate, saving time and energy.


4lz 1 0 Rice Harvester 04

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